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Main Objective:

Enhance railway sound quality through improving identification of cost-effective solutions through a set of effective and reliable techniques, methodologies and tools and assessing the usability of new technologies for railway Noise & Vibration (N&V) control.

Technical Objectives:

Interior sound simulation and source characterisation for rail vehicles

DESTINATE aims to develop a time-domain model for interior sound simulation based on OTPA measurements at a light rail vehicle provided by STAV. The interior noise model shall be able to accurately rank sources and transmission paths. Source characterisation methodologies will be researched and tested.

New technologies: auralisation & visualisation and active technologies

Auralisation and visualisation (A&V) is researched for exterior as well as interior railway sound. A&V is a useful tool to demonstrate and communicate the effects of different railway noise mitigation measures and design alternatives to non-experts. A&V could also be used to carry out listening tests to rank different mitigation solutions. DESTINATE aims to base the auralisation of exterior train pass-by sound on a physical model that allows for the consideration of the essential influencing factors. Interior railway sound A&V will also be researched. As time-domain data can be used directly for auralisation it is planned to use data from the OTPA measurements. Furthermore, DESTINATE studies the feasibility of active technologies to enhance railway noise protection in buildings with open windows.

Identification of cost-effective railway noise mitigation

DESTINATE aims to develop a methodology to rank railway noise mitigation options and assess their cost-effectiveness. This methodology shall be based on life cycle costs. It is targeted to look into exterior rail noise mitigation as well as interior acoustic design. A further ambition is to include human perception in the methodology, e.g. through perception indicators.

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