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S2R Destinate

Wednesday, 10. April 2019


The research and innovation project DESTINATE focuses on methodologies, techniques and tools to support cost-effective railway environmental noise reduction and enhance acoustical comfort for passengers. DESTINATE aims to promote modal shift from road to rail transport by facilitating informed decisions on railway noise mitigation alternatives. 



Work Packages

WP1 – Project Management and dissemination

WP1 organizes and implements decision-making as well as administrative and technical control of the whole project. WP1 also manages the outreach and use of project results.

WP2 - Requirement analysis and assessment

WP2 establishes the foundation of DESTINATE upon which the development work is based. WP2 gives a critical overview of relevant methodologies, techniques, models and technologies and deduces requirements to ensure an efficient and target-oriented development work in WP3.

WP3 - Development of methodologies, tools and technologies for noise prediction and mitigation

Based on the results for WP2, WP3 develops the necessary methodologies and techniques as well as the A&V demonstrator. WP3 is therefore the core work package of the project. It includes:

● Development of improved models for calculation of cost effectiveness of railway N&V mitigation measures and evaluation for defined traffic scenarios.

● Development of an interior railway noise simulation model in the time-domain based on measurements at Stadler Valencia.

● Specification and testing of methodologies for characterisation of railway sound sources.

● Auralization and visualization of exterior noise scenarios in an advanced interactive multimedia studio. Research on interior noise A&V.

WP4: Validation and integration of proposed solutions

The aim of WP4 is to validate the developed methodologies. Hence WP4 will give feedback to WP2 and WP3.

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